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Welcome to Ventures to Anomaly! This site documents the beautiful, curious, and historic places in New Jersey and the surrounding area. We visit these sites personally and each post may offer tips, directions, and further information for each location listed. Please feel free to comment on these posts with questions, pictures, and tips of your own. We enjoy being part of communities that support the spirit of discovery, learning, and exploration. To keep up on the latest Ventures to Anomaly news and for more extensive galleries, visit our Facebook page at  www.facebook.com/venturestoanomaly and our Instagram @venturestoanomaly.

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venturestoanomaly500px-Map_of_New_Jersey_municipalities.s (3)

Thanks so much for visiting Ventures to Anomaly!


  1. our comments are in light gray type on a really dark background, makes them hard to read. can you get rid of the backgound image under comments?

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